(Ph. Yannick Butez)

A really great result for s.r. Bacirubati. At the "Régionale d'Elevage Bergers Belges et Schipperkes Délégation Lorraine C.F.C.B.B.", Belles-Forets, June 25th, Bacirubati got 1th Exc.+/CR and became Best of Breed out of 78 Groenendaels! We are so very proud of her for all of it! Judges were Mrs. Pauline Stern-Hanf from Netherlands(Groenendael females) and Dr. Denis Descamps from France (Groenendaels males) Good results also with our boys! Tequila, Bacirubati's son, was Exc. in Groenendael Open Class, Urokset de Condivicnum was 8th Exc. in Tervueren Open Class. Judge was Dr. Denis Descamps (F)

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